5 M A S T I
Water leisure park  
Lake Ozolnieki
Wakeboard - SUP boards - Aquapark - Grillbar

5 Masti Wakepark Laikapstākļi pie mums



From Rīga: 

Take the train Rīga-Jelgava to Ozolnieki (38 min from the Central station), or the bus Rīga-Jelgava to Ozolnieki (approx. 35 min from the Central Bus Station if without traffic jams). 

If going by car, take A8 highway and then turn on P100 to Ozolnieki. Once in Ozolnieki, cross the river Iecava and when arriving at the turnaround take a look to your left - the lake is there!

From Jelgava: 

Take the bus Jelgava-Rīga to Ozolnieki (10 min from Jelgava Central Bus Station), train Jelgava-Rīga to Ozolnieki (7 min from Jelgava Central Station), city bus nr.1. & nr.18. from the Center to "Ozolnieki" stop.

Call us +371 28366699 if you need an additional info about us!

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